Saucers over the Moor, Summer 2008 Saucers over the Moor, Summer 2008

My copy of this book is actually entitled "Saucers over the moon", but according to The Malcolm Saville Society website this was a publisher's error. Certainly my childhood memory is of the "moor" title.

This is a strange story to my modern eyes but looking at the copyright date of 1947 explains a lot, perhaps: Mr and Mrs Warrender come back after years abroad, haven't seen daughter Penny during those years...spend a week or so with her and then go off on their own!

I intended to start my photo journey at Ashburton, Peter and David's "gateway to the Moor", but we must have blinked and missed it! Mind you we weren't the only ones...(p58) "They were through the narrow streets of Ashburton almost before they realized it"

Mary and Dickie know all about Dartmoor "Heather an' streams an' rocks an' ponies" yet Peter (usually horse mad) seems never to notice them at all. Seemed a shame not to include at least ONE ponypic :-D

We did manage to stop at Holne Bridge, the next stage of their cycle ride from Exeter to Kings Holt (I'm just grateful the dual carriageway wasn't in existence then!)