Holne Bridge

So here we are. I get unreasonably excited when I see fingerposts to LP places, so I hope you enjoy it too!

I walked around all day clutching the book and was very disappointed not to hear the call of the peewit as someone recognised me for a fellow loony LPer!

The eagle-eyed might notice I still have the same coat I wore to Shropshire...

There was a sign on the bank of the river...

"Paddlers egress"?!?!? Presumably that sign was written at the same time as the book, can't imagine many modern kids understanding that language.

"At first the road was flat and easy, but soon, after crossing the Dart at Holne Bridge, the road, overhung with trees, climbed steeply." (p65)

It certainly did! So steep in fact (25% in places) that we couldn't stop for fear of never starting again. Our little car doesn't like hills, and I can't see how anyone (not even with Dan Sturt's marvellous 3 gears) could cycle uphill with a backpack.