Onwards and Upwards to Dart Meet

...as soon as they reached the top of the hill they saw the Moor in all its majesty. An hour later they reached the top of the great hill running down to Dart Meet and they rushed down it like the wind." (p65)

Presumably the story continues after they've been released from hospital!

"By the swiftly flowing river far below they could see a large, grassy space packed with parked cars and a crowd of people standing by the water." (still p 65!)

"...there's a man selling fruit and ices and drinks"

We crossed the bridge and walked along the river bank (meanwhile back in 1947 Peter's bike was being borrowed).

The next picture (best I could manage without getting wet!) is of the actual meet, where East Dart and West Dart join to become DoubleDart.

Onwards to King's Holt!