My Gay Dolphin Adventure

Fred picks Jon and Penny up from Hastings station and drives them to Rye via Winchelsea going through Strand Gate.

They look out from the viewpoint and can see Camber Castle in distance across the flatlands
(well, maybe! it's on left, near skyline, 3 circular turrets)

I've recently revisited this site to see how the newly arrived wind turbines change the view.
The locals don't like them, but I suspect Jonathan would have enjoyed them - no doubt there would have been mysterious scientists involved!

We start the hunt for the Gay Dolphin at the bottom of Mermaid Street.

Walking up Mermaid Street we come to a right turn along Traders Passage,
and decide to find the original site of the Gay Dolphin first.

Traders Passage is just as it should be, although it's called Traders Street in the books
...narrow, cobbled with grass growing.

Nearly there!

This is the site of the Gay Dolphin, but the wrong building.
We are looking towards the wall where Mrs Warrender takes Jon and Penny before they explore the Dolphin.

Across the wall to the right we can see Winchelsea on the distant hills.

In the book, the journalist James Wilson lifts Penny up to sit on the wall but my gymnastics isn't up to that!

The other direction looks across the flats to the harbour.

To the right of the wall are some steps which Penny points out to Jon,
they go down to the river and road (yes they do!)

Jon walked down Traders passage to the church

where the bellboys strike the quarters (yes they do!)

Past the church is Mermaid Street (where we started) and this leads us to the original building for the Gay Dolphin (but on the wrong site)

The upper windows overhang the pavement (as they should)
and the two sides of the building are joined together by a bridge

Jon's window ( I think) should be one of those dormers, but it doesn't look to both directions
(as it should so that a light could have been placed to warn smugglers.)
The nearby cottages have windows more suitable...

From the back of the Mermaid you can see steps up to a side entrance (to 'our' part of the hotel?)

We didn't go in - too posh and expensive! and I'd seen enough :o)