Witchend memories

'Old John' drives us from Onnybrook station (really Marshbrook), through the level crossing gates towards Ingles and Witchend.

The hills in the background are the long awaited Long Mynd - the Mortons' first sighting.

We're coming down the hill to 'Ingles Farm' on the left. Hamperley (as it is really known) is still a working farm and also does B&B.

The turning is signposted to Priors Holt - also known as Witchend.


We walked up the track towards the Long Mynd - but it was cold and wet and there was no sign whatsoever of a Lone Pine, so back to base.

We stayed in a hamlet called Botvyle, self-catering in one of these converted barns nestling below Caradoc.

Botvyle from Caradoc.

The intrepid Lone Piner risks exposure! Lawley behind, Caradoc ahead.

Looking back at Lawley from further up Caradoc.

The summit of Caradoc, and a rare sighting of the sun.

Are we there yet?

Another view of Caradoc and Lawley, from the Long Mynd.

the Long Mynd, taken from outside Bishop's Castle. The gliding station can be spotted about halfway along the summit.

The glider station is more popular with hang-gliders than WWII spies these days....

but we did see some 'real' gliders above the Mynd. I was surprised to find they really do make the whirring sound referred to in the books.

We spent a day walking along Offa's Dyke.

This was just before it started to rain with a vengeance, so although we did see the building which Grey Walls was based on, the camera was the only thing still dry by then! Next time...

Cardingmill resevoir is purported to be the inspiration for Hatcholt.

A day on the Stiperstones - not the most comfortable of walking, either prickly bracken or stones.

We were not entirely sure we'd lunched on the Devil's Chair - but I suppose it does bear some sort of resemblance.

Certainly wouldn't want to be scrambling along here when the mist fell.

Acksherly (as Dickie Morton would say)...best part of the holiday was meeting 'our Pat', Lone Piner extraordinaire, who found most of these locations for us :)